How To Rock A Party

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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Parties and get-togethers are great means to meet new people, network and simply have fun. However, if you have to go to a party but don’t want to, here’s how to rock a party without being a party pooper.

Mind Your Body

It’s all about your body language. When you arrive at a party, usually people see you first. So keep your body relaxed, and smile. Not a toothy grin though. Smile genuinely, or just keep frowns away from your face.

Don’t forget the rest of the body. Listen deeply when someone is saying anything by leaning towards the speaker. And don’t cross your arms/legs, bite your nails, or position your body in any way that isn’t friendly towards others.

Mind Your Language

If you know someone at the party, slide up to them and get into the conversation.

If you know no one at the party, look around and grab onto the nearest extrovert you see by confessing you don’t know anyone at the party. It will be a matter of minutes within which everyone else is bound to know you.

If you can’t find someone to rescue you, go and offer to help the host. If she’s busy, walk around and find people who smile at you. After smiling back, go ahead and join them. It’s better than sitting alone, or worse – be that person who plays or chats on the phone at a party!

Mind Your Manners

If you’re drinking, drink responsibly. Drinking too much is not how to rock a party.

If you’re flirting, flirt unabashedly unless the other person finds you creepy.

And always find your host when you arrive AND leave the party. If you’re willing, send a thank-you note later on. And if you have a friendly budget, offer to bring any drinks or snacks.

Over to you..

Showing up at a party, especially if you are shy person, is the first step on how to rock a party. Once you step inside, try to have fun. After all, you’re already at a party, so why not? One final tip I would like to share with you – drive or take public transport to the party venue. Don’t depend on anyone else to be your ride. This builds your confidence plus the added benefit is you can take off whenever things go sour for you.


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