weight lossIf you are researching online to check how you can plan your diet and workout routines to lose weight safely, I’m sure you must have come across thousands of sites offering you different types of information. This post lists the important points you have to keep in mind when you want to lose weight safely.

Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Planning a sensible diet is not rocket science. The best person to decide what your body needs is YOU. So take a hard look at yourself, and come up with your:

1. Eating hours.

Decising your eating hours is simple. Observe how often you get hungry, and make a note of it. This way will help you mark the times you should eat before you get hungry. Never force hunger on your body. It just leads to overeating. So plan your meals around the times just before you get hungry.

2. Foods to avoid.

You know very well which foods make you feel bloated, heavy, etc. If you’re not sure, give us a buzz and we’ll work you through the process. Bottom line here is to avoid those foods in your every day diet. Keep a separate day to gorge on those.

3. Food consumption rate.

Your food consumption rate is basically the number of times you need to feed your body to avoid any exhaustion, fatigue, general bad feeling. Some people are okay with three small meals a day. Some lose weight with six meals a day. So what’s your count?

Your Weight Loss Workout Routine

This is something you need to discuss directly with one of our consultants because what might work for someone might be harmful for another.

Contact us now for a quick consultation to lose weight safely.

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