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We curvy girls can’t help but look fat at the most inopportune moments, whether we are tipping the scales in the wrong direction, or not. Being voluptuous doesn’t necessarily mean you are fat. Most people say sarees suit curvy girls a lot. But there are still some pitfalls. So here’s checklist on how to look fat in sarees. Read it to avoid these mistakes.

Picturing Someone Else

Buying a saree just because you saw Kareena Kapoor wear it, doesn’t make much sense, unless you and her have the same figure. It’s important to imagine yourself in the saree, and accept the flaws that show up at such a time.

Whenever you intend to buy an outfit, be it saree or anything else, be realistic about how it will show up on your body, not someone else’s. Visit the trial room to confirm your thoughts. And then buy (or don’t buy) it.

Loosening those Drapes

Draping your saree need not be an art, though some people swear on it.

If you’re curvy, or have a boyish figure, drape the saree tightly to accentuate your curves. Leaving the drapes loose is the best step you can take on how to look fat in sarees.

And draping a saree also means you tuck it in nicely.

I remember when I started wearing sarees, I used to be horrible at tucking in my saree; there used to be like a ball of cloth right around my bellybutton. But with practice (and help), I can now tuck the saree as smoothly around my waist as possible.

Finally, don’t put too many pleats on your saree. It will make you more voluminous, that’s all. Try to craft large pleats, or widespread pleats to give a sleek look. And please make the palla (pallu) of your saree go past your butt. A short palla will make you unnecessarily short.

Remember the yesteryear Bollywood heroines like Mumtaz, Sharmila Tagore used to tie up their sarees tightly – that’s your game! So play on..

Saying Yes! to Broad Borders

Always remember – big and bulky makes you look big and bulky, like broad borders on a saree. Round adds more roundness to your features, like those round earrings make your face look more round. So big broad borders are one of the many ways on how to look fat in sarees.

On the other hand, if you go for narrow borders, you would look more sleek and trim. Longer earrings make your face look long. Similarly, if you go for smaller prints, rather than gigantor ones, you can look much slimmer than usual.

Reason is simple – the small prints or designs are not spread over you, thus giving you a compact look.

Wearing Heavy Fabrics

Heavy fabrics are hot.

I mean, literally hot to wear. They make you feel stuffy. They are not easy to tuck around. And they definitely make you tired.

So go for lighter fabrics like lighter cotton, georgette, silks, etc. that drape lightly and comfortably around your body. They feel oh! so GOOD!!

Another reason for NOT wearing heavy fabrics is heavy fabrics tend to be stiff. So if you’re draping them around your body, or tucking it in, the stiffness becomes more pronounced, making you look more boxy than usual.

Over to you..

Curvy women are entitled to pulling off killer looks in a saree, as any other woman. Remember, this is a post on how to look fat in sarees, so if you pay attention to the above, you CAN look tall, slim and beautiful in a saree, no matter what that annoying weighing scale says.

And do share what other tips and tricks you use to avoid looking fat in sarees.


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