Resume Tips – How to List Previous Work Experience

business-groomingThe objective of your resume is to grab the attention of the employer. However, this doesn’t mean you provide false or incomplete information on your resume, especially regarding your previous work experience. Here are some tips on how to list previous work experience, and draft a good resume to land your dream job.

1. Avoid stating lies.

If you have no experience, state your abilities – business skills, technical qualifications, academic recognition, etc. – to convince the prospective employer why you’re the right fit for the vacant job position.

If you have experience in the industry but not necessarily for the targeted job position, then try to highlight any related aspects of your experience and correlate those facts with the job position. If you can’t find any correlation, it’s best to state your abilities, as mentioned above.

2. Do not exaggerate.

State the facts. Try not to keep back any pertinent information, which might pose a danger to your job if ever found out later. Most companies have experienced HR staff, who can tell the difference if your facts are genuine, or you’re exaggerating (or worse, hiding information).

3. Customize your resume to fit each job position you’re applying.

Most people use one resume to apply for 10 different job positions at a time, thinking somewhere they’ll strike gold.

But consider this – would you like to hire someone with an experience stating “increased sales by 34% with business process optimization techniques..” for a Technical Analyst’s position in your organization?

You might have good sales experience, but when you’re applying for the position of an Analyst, then a fact like “Coordinated with Logistics to track and manage Offshore Personnel on daily basis using the companies bedding plans” will make you a better fit for the said position.

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