handwriting analysisYour signature is your mark on the world. It represents who you are. To be successful, you should represent your best in your signature. Through handwriting analysis, you can understand what your current signature is telling the world who you are. If you’re unsatisfied with these findings, I can even show you how to represent yourself more correctly to the world.

So Why Does Signature Matter So Much?

Your handwriting is directly related to your psyche. How you think, what you’re feeling, your personality characteristics, are all revealed through the curves, loops, slopes, slants and spikes in your handwriting. Hence, you can understand how handwriting is important to understand who you are.

Comparatively speaking, your signature is a tiny part of your handwriting. However, your signature is your calling card to the world. It’s basically a reflection of how you see yourself, and how YOU want the world to see you. So, don’t you want to make sure people are understanding what you’re trying to tell them through your signature?

For instance, when you’re in a hurry, you tend to scribble down your signature, right? But have you ever thought how your scribbled signature might come across to other folks? Yes, your signature can show others you were in a hurry, but if you tend to scribble away your signature all the time, it might also come across as arrogance, even dishonesty.

Therefore, your signature is your mark on the world. Though a signature is not the basis for a complete handwriting analysis, you can still learn a lot from it about the person.

Understand more about signatures with handwriting analysis – what does underlining your signature means, what does crossing out the last name in your signature means, is it okay to use initials for a signature, and more – contact me now.

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