handwriting analysisHere are some of the funniest and weirdest myths about handwriting analysis I’ve heard so far. I’ve busted these myths and revealed the truth behind handwriting analysis. Read on to find more.

1. Handwriting Analysis Predicts Your Future.

Yes, I agree analysis of your handwriting is not an exact science, but it’s not a forecasting tool either. As a handwriting expert, I don’t have any knowledge of your past, or witness your present, and I definitely can’t predict your future. All I can do is interpret your handwriting into certain personality traits, and analyze these interpretations to compile your personality report.

Remember, handwriting analysis is an intuitive science, dependent on the handwriting expert you’re dealing with. It’s not like fortune telling, tarot card reading, or anything of that sort.

2. Graphology Can Change Your Personality.

I’ve always maintained that certain changes to your handwriting can improve your personality, or at least downplay your weakness while highlighting your strengths. So it’s true to state that graphology, or handwriting analysis, can’t change your personality.

For instance, if your handwriting has a left slant, it can be interpreted as you being an introvert. To help you build a positive image or impression in the eyes of others, I can, at best, show you ways where you can mask your shy nature with your other stronger personality traits, like maybe your technical skills at work.

3. Handwriting Analysis Can Tell The Gender Or Ethnicity Of The Writer.

That’s an outright lie.

A person’s handwriting can’t indicate the person’s gender, ethnicity, or any such personal information. Yes, there might be ways where I can interpret any personal injury caused to you in the past, but gender and ethnicity are right out the window.

Your handwriting is basically graphical forms created in your mind and visualized on paper. It can indicate your mood and your personality at best, but nothing beyond.

4. Graphology Can Be Used To Invade Someone Else’s Privacy Without Permission.

Invasion of anyone’s privacy is not encouraged at any time, whatever the reason. Hence, you shouldn’t use handwriting analysis to get to know someone without their permission or understanding.

Yes, people might get cautious about the way they write when you tell them their handwriting is about to be analyzed by a handwriting expert. And that’s the reason why we, at Anks Image, insist on at least 5 handwriting samples of the same writer for an accurate analysis. This ensures a credible personality report.

So what do you think? Please share your thoughts on these handwriting analysis myths, and let me know what you think.

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