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In this post, we show what the letter y reveals about a person, and how it affects you and the world around you. You can also understand how handwriting analysis is used to improve your personal relationships, discover hidden talents and skills in yourself as well as others, and finally select team members for a particular project at work.

In handwriting analysis, the letter y reveals the following


Left Arc with no loop in “y”

Shows a person is irresponsible in sexual and/or financial matters. Would you like to date someone like this? Of course not, right? Hence, handwriting analysis can save from making such a blunder.

Blunt stroke with no loop in “y”

Shows a person is an independent thinker. She might also be stubborn and possess leadership qualities.

While you might not necessarily want to date her, don’t you think she’ll be a good match for the supervisory position in your organization? She can successfully lead a productive team to benefit the company. This reveals how handwriting analysis can help with business decisions.

Small loop in “y”

Shows a person is choosy, very selective of friends, or people around her. She might be an introvert, or she might be quite egoistical as well. If this description reminds you of someone you already know, don’t you think your relationship with her will now fare better now that you know when and how to avoid personality clashes with her?

Fussy strokes in “y”

Shows a person has bad taste, maybe even flashy. Once again, would you like to date someone like this? Too much bling might not turn you off, but being flashy, bordering on vulgarity, is a definite turn off. Which proves how handwriting analysis can help you make good personal decisions too.

Over to you..

Now, take a test drive with this information – compare what you know about a person against what the “y” in her handwriting reveals about her, as per these four features. I’m telling you, you’ll be surprised for sure!

If these handful of features can help you so much about understanding someone, just image how much you’re going to learn through a complete handwriting analysis.

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