handwriting analysisInterviews can be deceiving at times. When you’re interviewing someone, the person can sound promising and just right for your organization. But you can never be sure if the person you met in the interview will be the same kind of person while working for you. You might be impressed, but what if all that promise and positive attitude was just a facade? You can be more confident with your choice if you incorporate handwriting analysis for recruiting new employees.

Conducting handwriting analysis of potential employees saves you time in choosing candidates more suitable for the available job position. It also helps you take advantage of the person’s full potential for the success and development of your organization.

When you go to interview someone for a particular job position in your organization, you already have an idea about the type of person you want for that position, right? So if you use handwriting analysis, you can be sure of shortlisting only those persons who meet your requirements. Hence, your screening process becomes even more effective.

Now, people ask me all the time, “When should I use handwriting analysis – before or after an interview?” The answer is simple – choose the process that can help you more. The difference is given below:

Handwriting Analysis Before An Interview..

Lets you shortlist eligible candidates for interviews, based on personality reports. These personality reports highlight the personality traits, good and bad, of each person, which helps you identify skills and weaknesses of each applicant.

This process is generally advised if you have a large number of applications for a particular job position. It’ll cut down the number of interviewees and you’ll have more time to concentrate on each candidate to choose the right one for the job.

Handwriting Analysis After An Interview..

Lets you compare your experience with the applicant during the interview against the personality report based on the applicant’s handwriting. In the interview, the applicant might have been saying and behaving to impress you and get the job, but a complete handwriting analysis can tell you what the person is really inside. When you compare the two, you can have a better idea if the applicant is still suitable for your organization, or not.

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