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We Indians have something to celebrate almost every month – birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc. And every celebration screams for gifts. However, not every gift is appreciated, so here’s how to give better gifts and win more smiles.

As I’m typing this out, half my desk is covered in scraps of paper, ribbons, and other knick-knacks that I’m sorting through to start designing my own gifts. So believe you me, a whole lot of thinking has gone into this post (and gifts!).

Know Who You Are Buying For

Right now I have a mix of people I’m gifting – friends, family, clients whom I know directly, clients whom I’ve never met and some prospective clients too. It’s easy to know what gifts will be appreciated when you know the people you are gifting. Some of them have already hinted what they want, while others will be easy to guess if you pay attention to their habits, homes, and words. Better gifts are those which they never expect from you.

On the other hand, take my example of those clients whom I’ve never met and those prospective clients, I have no clue. So I have to think, judge, make a few assumptions, and maybe even go through their social media accounts (if they have any!) to find the right gift.

A tip from my husband: whenever you’re buying for someone in your professional life, buy something that their wives will appreciate – home decor, kitchen appliances, gadgets, etc. Happy wives make for excellent word-of-mouth marketing!

Needs Vs. Wants

I think everyone opts to buy what they need. It’s a moment of celebration in itself when you realize you have some extra dough on buying something you want. So when you are gifting someone, buy them what they want, otherwise they might never get around to buying it themselves.

However, my husband thinks otherwise. He says gifting people what they need makes them appreciate you better.

No matter which line of thinking you agree to, it’s more important for you to realize the needs and wants of whom you’re gifting. Once you can classify the needs and wants, it’s actually up to you to decide what to get them, based on your interaction with them and of course, your budget.

Do It Yourself Projects

Giving better gifts doesn’t mean buying expensive stuff.

Remember when I said half my desk is filled with gifting stuff. Well, my gifting is a major DIY project this year – festive gift baskets made with my very own hands from anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Everyone seems to love DIY projects nowadays. Technology has made everyone so remote from each other, even a scribbled note made by pen on a piece of normal paper adds a sense of warmth and humanity, and turn it into something memorable. So why don’t you try it too?

Take a look at Pinterest for gift ideas. You can check out my boards on Pinterest too!

Wrap Your Love

Sometimes you can garner more smiles by simply wrapping up your gift in a more fancy way. Better gifts are always those which LOOK like gifts – wrapped in paper with bows and ribbons. Putting your thoughtful gifts in a brown bag, or plastic paper, or simply handing it over just takes out the fun out of it. So for better gifts and more smiles, wrap your gifts.

Again, go to Pinterest for gift wrapping ideas. Sometimes even a paper flower cut out of simple coloured paper can take the oomph! factor of your gift from “hmm..” to “WOW!”

Over to you..

Gifting is serious business. Don’t handle it carelessly, otherwise you’ll end up hurting people on their days of celebration. If you can’t rummage your budget over to buy a gift, turn to Pinterest for DIY projects. Money doesn’t matter. The thoughts and efforts put into gifting is what matters the most. So gift with love, and win more smiles.


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