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health and wellnessConstant tiredness, or feeling more tired than usual without any apparent reason means you are suffering from fatigue. Some of the factors leading to fatigue are described below. By understanding these factors, we can find ways to avoid them and lead a more comfortable life.

Causes of Fatigue

Life-altering events like divorce, death of a loved one, job instability/dissatisfaction, serious illness (self or of a loved one), financial matters, etc. can cause constant pressure and stress, which leads to mental and physical fatigue. If such stress is not eliminated, it can cause chronic fatigue.

Also, there are some individuals who are born ‘natural worriers’ – they worry constantly about something or the other. And hence, suffer from fatigue.

Another cause of fatigue may be related to your diet. Alcohol and certain artificial sweeteners can actually induce fatigue. A diet lacking in necessary nutrients affects thyroid function and melatonin production. Unhealthy lifestyles where you tend to eat foods high on cholesterol, carbs and fats, or even skipping meals, especially breakfasts, causes insulin resistance and low metabolism. All these factors lead to fatigue.

Yet another cause of fatigue may be related to your lifestyle. Smoking, working too hard, sleeping less or too much, not being active, etc. all lead to fatigue.

Fatigue in Women

The most common cause of fatigue in women can be contributed to hormonal imbalances. Actually, fatigue is on the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Hot flashes and night sweats induced by hormonal imbalances disrupts your sleep, and hence, causes fatigue. It is more common for women in menopause or just before menopause actually takes place.

Curing Fatigue

Suffering from fatigue might give you body aches, make you irritable, affect your appetite and even lead to more serious issues like depression, etc. So it is always better to prevent fatigue as much as possible. The following points will help you in preventing and curing fatigue, and enable you to lead a more comfortable life.

  • Healthy Breakfast – Start your day with a big healthy breakfast to prepare your body for the day ahead of you. Breakfast stabilizes your sugar levels, giving you energy to jump-start your metabolism.
  • Be Active – Keep up your energy levels by working out at least 20-30 minutes daily. Keep your mind active with less television and more brain-stimulating activities like reading a book, etc.  [Note: Remember to stretch before and after each workout. And avoid exercising within 4 hours of bedtime. If you work out before going to sleep, the production of natural melatonin might be prohibited by your workout, delaying your sleep and making you feel more tired in the morning.]
  • Healthy Diet – Eating healthy nutritious meals every day will help your body function properly and cure/prevent fatigue. If you think your diet doesn’t consist of enough nutrients, consider taking a daily multi-vitamin or mineral supplement.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking disrupts delivery of oxygen to the tissues and causes fatigue. So quit smoking. You may tend to feel even more tired than the time you were smoking because it takes time for your body to adapt after giving up smoking. However, there will be a gradual increase in your energy levels and you will feel less fatigued every day.
  • Manage Your Sleeping Hours – Too little or too much sleep causes fatigue. On an average, 6-8 hours of sleep is good for most people. Try different sleeping durations within the 6-8 hours range. You will notice a difference yourself and be able to figure out exactly how many hours of sleep suits you.
  • More Water – Dehydration is linked to fatigue. Drink at least 8 glasses (or more on especially sweaty days) to prevent fatigue.
  • Less Coffee – Caffeine disrupts your energy levels, which leaves you feeling more fatigued throughout the day, despite its sudden burst of energy upon consumption. Lessen your coffee intake and become more active, physically and mentally, to avoid drowsiness.
  • Color Therapy – If your surroundings are dark or even dark-colored, it might be a cause of fatigue. Consult with a Color Analyst to bring more color and light to boost your energy levels.

The above were some of the ways you can cure your fatigue. We, at Anks Image, understand everyone is unique, so send in your queries to, or use our Contact Form, to learn more about fatigue and how to deal with your unique circumstances.

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