Is Your Facebook Profile Affecting Your Image?

Last Updated: 30th March 2020

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You do everything you can to project the right image – you stand right, dress right, say the right things, and simply because you forget to update the settings in your Facebook profile, you ultimately end up having your Facebook profile affecting image.

Happened to you yet?

Take a few moments to read how your Facebook profile can be affecting your image and what you can do to protect your image online. (Even if you use Facebook to stalk your exes!)

Let’s start with your Account Settings in Facebook..

Go to the drop down menu at the top right corner in your Facebook profile – you’ll see “Settings” option. Click on it.

“General” is the first tab you see. Check the settings in this tab.

Next is “Security and Login”.

Review the logins listed. Remove any which are not familiar to you.

Enabled Two-Factor Authentication, if you haven’t already. This protects you from getting hacked.

There are many other features you can turn on (or off) depending on your needs.

And now, most importantly, click on the “Apps and Websites” tab and edit the settings. Review the apps that have access to your Facebook. Facebook keeps a record of which apps and websites used to have access to your account. That also helps if you find your Facebook profile affecting your image.

Now, let’s move onto the Privacy Settings in Facebook.

Choose your default privacy setting – Public (everyone can see what you’re doing), Friends (only your friends can see your activity) and Custom (you control access completely).

Make sure you click on all the privacy settings and choose the setting of your choice.

Over to you..

Facebook does NOT use your private information without your approval. You have ultimate control – simply use the Account and Privacy settings to control everything there is on Facebook about yourself and protect your image online. You never know who’s looking you up on Facebook!


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