7 Things About Etiquette Boss Wants You To Know

Last Updated: 6th April 2020

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Your Boss has certain expectations from you when she chose (or agreed for) you to be on her team. And the first and foremost expectation is you possessing a good degree of business etiquette. Here are the 7 things about business etiquette Boss wants you to know:

Good Handshake

You walk/stand tall in a good posture and hold out your hand as you get within an arm’s length from the other person. When the other hand is put forward, you grip it firmly with your hand (not both hands!) and give it a quick shake while slightly leaning forward towards the other person. That’s the business handshake.

You don’t grab, squeeze, or pump up and down the other person’s hand. You just don’t.

Handling Business Cards

You hold out your business card – face up, writing towards the other person so that she can read it without trying to figure out alphabets upside down – with both your hands, the forefinger and thumb of each hand gripping the corners of the card. You wait until the other person takes it from you.

When receiving a business card, irrespective of how the other person is holding her card, you use your forefinger and thumb of each hand to grip onto the corners of the offered card and take it away gently from her.

Ability to Listen Completely Before Responding

This is simple. Just shut up and listen to what someone is saying. Don’t interrupt until the other person is finished, or asks you for an opinion/response. And then you respond.

Beat down the urge to interrupt even if you feel the need to interrupt. You can say your piece when it’s your turn. Speaking out of turn, however right you may be, just shows you as an impatient person, that people might want to avoid.

Business Attire

Business wear is a must in a professional setting. However, some offices tend to be slack on office wear. But being a professional, you must take care of what you are wearing. Anything torn, worn out, dirty, mangled, and/or faded is a big NO. Dress to look professional, not like you are going out to a pub, friends’ home or some party.

Personal Appearance

This is about personal grooming. Are your nails clean and clipped? Is your hair tidy? Is your face clean and presentable? There’s no need for perfume but make sure there is no body odor. Same goes for your mouth – make sure there is no bad breath.


Be on time. For everything possible. Whether is reaching your office on time, submitting your reports on time, starting and finishing a meeting on time, you must be a punctual person in order to be regarded as a professional.

Knowing Your Skills without Bragging

You are in your job position because of the skills you possess. Everyone knows that. So don’t get cocky. Don’t brag about what all you can do. Let your work speak for itself. The only time you get to unabashedly brag about what all you can do and those awesome skills you possess is when you are looking for a salary raise, and/or promotion.

All righty then! You’ve read the list of etiquette Boss wants you to know. I’ve tried to include as much information as possible for your benefit. Let me know, if otherwise. And now go, make Boss happy :)


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