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Check out these affordable and practical and super easy makeover tips you can try at home. Add these to your normal routine and feel better with flawless skin and gorgeous hair. Give yourself a makeover to live it up.

7 Easy Makeover Tips

1. Shape Wear Rocks!

Wearing the right fit of shape wear can make you lose up to a dress size. What’s important is you choose the right fit that shapes you up and is comfortable to wear.

Shape wear tends to “fit” differently. So before purchasing shape wear, try it out first.

I like products from Victoria’s Secret, but alas! it’s not available in India. But Marks & Spencers boasts a good collection too. You can check that out!


2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Got an important outing?

Lather on some hydrating face mask for 15-20 minutes (or as per the product’s instructions) and then get ready. It will refresh your entire look.

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3. Instant New Hairstyle

Change your hairstyle by parting your hair in the opposite direction to the natural parting of your hair. It adds more bounce to your hair.

I do this every other week, if not every other day! Totally addicted to this neat little trick to add more volume to my hair.


4. Instant Glowing Skin

Want instant glow on your face?

Use warm water to give your face a good scrub. And then at the end, use ice cold water to rinse off.

The cold water closes your pores to give tighter and brighter skin.


5. Instant Smooth Hair

A great way to repair frizzy hair is using organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil in your hair.

If you have an oily scalp, just apply oil to the lengths of the hair to its ends. Best is when you sleep with the oil on. Shampoo it in the morning.

I have extreme cold allergies, so I don’t sleep with oily hair, if I can. So my rule of thumb is to keep my hair oiled for around 4 hours before I wash it out. And of course, condition.

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6. Instant Super-Sexy Legs

For super sexy long legs, use tinted moisturiser on your legs.

For an added benefit, try hydrating formulas to take extra care of your skin.

Raid your nearby Sephora to choose from a variety of options in tinted moisturisers.


7. Perfect Makeup in an Instant

Want perfect makeup?

Try to moisten up your cosmetics before application. Wet the eyeshadow, mascara, etc. to get perfect application.

No, no.. don’t spit in your makeup!! Use a bit of your moisturiser or toner to moisten up your cosmetics before application. Just don’t make them too wet!

Over to you..

Makeover is a great way to experiment with your looks, do away with the boring, and just cheer yourself up. Try these 7 easy makeover tips sometime to get a new look – whether you keep it or not is up to you.


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