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If you are one of the upcoming women entrepreneurs of the world, here are the tools from Google you need to make your professional life less chaotic. My 5 Google tools for women entrepreneurs are stated below:


Gmail is secure, safe and lighting fast as compared to your mail client or any other email. Plus it has the option to load less when working on a slow connection.

What I love best about Gmail is the power to place promotional emails away from my regular emails. Just make sure your categories are set up right and you won’t have to deal with those random mail unless you really want to.

Google Drive

Google Drive is where you place all your stuff in one place. Files. Photos. Anything you can upload can be placed here. And shared with anyone you deem fit.

I remember this one time my laptop broke down and I uploaded my ALL my files to Google Drive because I didn’t have any backup option at that time. Since then, I’m hooked onto Google Drive – it’s one of my favorite Google tools for women entrepreneurs. Backup your computer here. Don’t waste CDs or USB drives anymore. After all, 15 GB is quite a lot of free space to deal with.

Google Keep

I take notes a LOT. Some in one phone. Some in another. Some on my whiteboard. Some on a piece of paper. The best way to organize these notes is to keep them all in Google Keep. It’s not very popular because note taking apps are a dime a dozen, but come on, this is a Google app, so why bother with any other?

Keep your notes all in one place. Place reminders where you need to. Basically use Google Keep to make your world a lot less cluttered.

Google Trends

Want to know what’s hot right now? Explore Google Trends. It shows the trending stories by category as well as by country. It can also go back in time to show you the trending stories by category and by country for the time you pick.

This is a great tool if you are researching something in your line of work, especially if you are a writer, or your company deals with content writing services.

Google Alerts

An online strategy should be an integral part of your business plan. And one of the first things you need to do is set up custom alerts in your company’s name, your name, the names of your products, and so on, so that whenever someone says anything about your business, you get to know it right away.

If it’s a positive update, kudos to you and your team, so thank the person. If it’s negative, try to respond quickly but in a way that defines you as the good guy.

In Conclusion

As an entrepreneur, there are many millions of free business tools out there that you can use to manage and succeed in business, but these 5 Google tools for women entrepreneurs are my favorite. I’ve been using these since forever, or else I wouldn’t have recommended so.

One last piece of advice – keep your email addresses dedicated. I mean, one email address for shopping online, another for business correspondance, another for business transactions, and so on. This helps in boosting your online security. And no, if you keep a “master” email address where you can forward all these email addresses (and set the reply-to functions for each), you won’t end up tearing your hair down. So far I haven’t.

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