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Content strategy vs content marketing – are you sure you are using these words correctly?

These words are often used interchangeably. But you need to understand that there are major differences between content strategy and content marketing.

Let’s start with content marketing first.

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Influencer Marketing involves collaborating with people of considerable influence over your target audience to market your products and services. It is essentially a content marketing strategy of promoting your products and/or services on social media by collaborating with an Influencer.

Sponsored posts, stories, blog posts, etc. are some examples of influencer marketing.

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Web trends are many. Some stick, some buzz by. One of the web trends that “stuck” is responsive web design. It continues to be one of the hottest web trends even today, though it was developed a few years ago. So what exactly is responsive web design? Why should you care? These are some of the questions I’ve attempted in this post.

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Top 20 Features Checklist for Great looking B2B Websites anksimage

Let’s be real. Creating great looking B2B Websites is super-hard. There is a lot that goes into knowing what your target audience likes? What problem are you solving? Have you defined your value proposition?

The legroom for creativity is minimal, a designer’s nightmare!

Things can get infinitely times better once you invest in making a framework for different business models such as B2B & B2C. Your head will be in the right place and your time will be spent effectively.

Here is a checklist that will make sure you follow the best practices with uniformity:

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Here is my 6-minute SEO guide to help you tweak and upgrade your site within minutes. But remember, SEO – search engine optimisation – is an ongoing process. There are many ways to enhance your website for the search engines and this 6-minute SEO guide is just the beginning.

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Writing great content is fun. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your brain juices brewing. Where should you start? How to even start? And sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the speed at which the words rush in. Should you focus on certain aspects of a topic? Or should you talk about it all? Here’s my way on how to write good articles anytime.

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