Digital Marketing Training


A strong brand strategy lets you rise up and tower over your competition within the industry.

Our digital marketing training module for Branding Training involves setting up an effective strategy for your brand and a supporting roadmap. Then, we train you to follow both to achieve your brand goals.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a never-ending process as well as a vast technical field to delve into.

Our training module for SEO Training involves conducting an audit on your website to find the strengths and weaknesses in website performance, and then listing out what needs to be done to make your SEO stronger.

Social Media

You need proper guidance and training to ensure your brand is performing well on social media.

Our training module for Social Media Training involves social media audit, calendar set up, content strategy, content development, account optimization, scheduling tools, data analytics, etc.

Content Development

Content development is developing content beyond the written word with the goal of raising brand awareness, improving sales and inciting customer loyalty.

Our training module for Content Development Training involves content audit, planning, editorial calendar set up, design tools, data analytics, and more.

Content Writing

Content Writing is definitely about the written word only. It’s all about how to use text to paint a picture that compels a person to use your brand.

With her 12+ years of experience as a Content Writer, Ankitaa trains other freelancers and brands on how to make content writing and content marketing work for their brands.

Data Analytics

Analytics gives actionable business data to help your brand grow. Though there is a lot of data out there, we can help you make sense of it all!

Our training module for Data Analytics Training involves choosing the right analytics tools, setting goals, identifying the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your brand, tracking, measuring and analysing the data to enforce changes to your digital marketing strategies.

Benefits of our training programs:

Digital marketing training develops your digital marketing skills more, thus boosting your productivity at work. With such greater productivity and good negotiation skills, you can even boost your salary!

With the right digital marketing training, you can gather the confidence to leave your current job and land that dream job you’ve always been craving! All you need is to take the first step in this direction.

Training helps you strengthen your weak skills. Refining and up-skilling boosts morale, and gives you the confidence to excel at your job. Job satisfaction translates into your happiness.

Why choose AnksImage?

Ankitaa has been conducting online digital marketing training programs since 2013. She’s a great communicator and eases her students into the programs as per their proficiency levels. This makes it easier for her students to succeed more.

Ankitaa loves working with knowledge-hungry professionals. She has been mentoring and guiding many Quorans (followers from Quora) for years now. And she loves helping individuals find their strengths and achieve their goals.

Ankitaa started conducting training sessions back in 2005. She was working with Fisher-Price in New York (USA) at that time. Her first session was on “How to Use Cognos for Sales Reports”. And it was enough to get her hooked to training. She loves the lively sessions.