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Count steps to lose weight. That’s what my doctor told me when I was struggling with my weight. The popular notion is taking 10,000 steps a day will make you lose weight safely and put that lose weight well away from you. But is there any truth to that?

My Story

The first time I heard about counting steps to lose weight was at my doctor’s . She advised me to count steps and make it a goal to take at least 10,000 steps every day to lose weight. I thought – “Piece of cake! Surely running after a toddler and doing all the housework will tide me over 10,000 steps by afternoon itself. ”

Boy, was I ever so wrong?!

After spending oodles of my hard-earned “me” time on Flipkart and Snapdeal to search for a pedometer and waiting almost a week for it to arrive, I finally used my Omron pedometer on the fateful day when my maid declared she was too sick to come to our place to work. Trying to find the silver lining there, I consoled myself that the day was perfect to calculate the maximum number of steps I take doing the maid’s work, running after my toddler, cooking and all those gazillion household chores. Yay! Good the maid was out.

By lunch time, when I was more than certain I must have taken at least 20,000 steps, I literally plopped down on the floor shocked when the pedometer showed I had taken only a measly 3,000 steps. (BIG WAIL!!) Since most of the activity is in the morning hours, I could barely cross 5,000 steps that whole day. What the fish!

Moral of the story – 10,000 steps a day IS a big deal. And that’s why it’s a guaranteed way to safely lose weight.

Counting Steps

I have been using my Omron pedometer since April this year to count steps, and I am embarrassed to say that I’ve NEVER crossed or even been near the vicinity of 10,000 steps a day. The most I did one day was 8280 steps, when I went out on a brisk walk in the morning AND in the evening. And I remember it being a no-maid day again. But my husband was at home and since my baby was busy with her daddy dearest, I could get away for my walks.

Turns out, 3,000 steps is the average steps taken by an individual. Taking 5,000 steps lets you maintain the weight you have. And if you can squeeze in a couple of thousand more steps, then you can lose weight.. very slowly.

The best case scenario of losing weight is only when you can cross 10,000 steps.

What’s Next?

If you’re like me – work-from-home mom, cook, preschool teacher, maid and mechanic – I can’t tell you how to cross 10,000 steps with the way things are. Better to bring in resources. Ask for someone’s help. Hire more staff members. Or work out when your baby is at school and let the rest of the world vanish from your mind for those few hours. That might happen for me any day now.. (fingers crossed!) but don’t you wait – count steps to lose weight from today!


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