color-analysisColors can make you look young. Wearing certain shades can make you look slimmer, even healthier. To make colors work for you, use color analysis to find which are the right colors for you. With the right hues, you can dress to impress anytime anywhere.

Get color analysis done to know your colors. You might already know what looks good on you, so why bother with color consultation, right? Well, here are some additional benefits of color analysis:

(1) Look Slimmer

Wear dark or solid colors to look slimmer – use the shades you find from your color analysis. Dark hues hide trouble areas, making you look slimmer instantly.

It’s a common belief that black can make you look slimmer. It’s true, but not for everyone. If you have light skin, golden hair and brown eyes, wearing pure black can make you look pale and unhealthy. So instead of pure black, wear dark brown, which complements your eye color, to look slimmer.

(2) Look Young

For an instant perk-up, wear red-like lip color. You’ll not only look young, but the bright shade will brighten your mood too. And by “red-like”, I mean the shade related to red from your color analysis.

If you have light skin, golden hair and brown eyes, wearing tomato red with the right outfit can make you look sensational. You’ll look young because this shade will highlight your mouth, taking attention away from any skin flaws like fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

However, if you don’t have any yellow, gold or red in your skin, hair and eyes, tomato red won’t work for you. In this case, wearing tomato red will make you look too harsh, so wear deep rose instead to look young.

(3) Look Feminine

Yes, you can use color analysis to look feminine too. Camel and nude are this season’s favorite hues to look feminine – find out which one suits you with color analysis.

Floral prints also lend you feminine curves, making you look feminine. Just make sure the shades in the prints you choose relate to the ones from your color analysis. And avoid head-to-toe prints – wear prints with solid colors.

So what do you think about getting a color consultation now?

The results from your color consultation will definitely help you look slimmer, look feminine and even look young. Don’t wait, schedule your color consultation at Anks Image right away.

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