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How To Choose The Right Makeup Colors For You anksimage

Color analysis finds the colors that complements your skin tone, hair and eye colors. By wearing these colors, you are guaranteed to look fabulous. But looking fabulous is not limited to wearing the right colors in your clothes and accessories – you need to choose the right makeup colors as well.

Makeup can ruin your entire look, if you don’t choose the right colors. And the best way to know the right colors in your makeup is to go in for color analysis. Just a single consultation will give you information you can use for years to come.

Perfect makeup is a two-step process – smooth out your skin tone and highlight either your eyes or lips.

Highlighting both will give you a fussy look, so it’s best to avoid that.

Let’s start with your skin.

The right foundation shade will go almost invisible on your skin – try it on your jaw line. Use concealer (shade lighter than the foundation’s) to cover spots, pimples, etc. Using both will smooth out your skin.

Next step is eyes.

Highlight yours with makeup shades resembling your own eye color.

For instance, if you have brown eyes, try brown, or beige eyeliner to highlight your eyes. For a bold look, try gray, navy, even violet to make your eyes pop.

Now, color analysis.

From this point onwards, you’ll get a better understanding of how color analysis can help you choose the right makeup colors.

For instance, if you have brown eyes and beige skin, it’s better to avoid violet. In this case, wear Chinese blue or Prussian blue instead.

And now, let’s refine that!

If you have brown eyes, beige skin and dark brown hair, then navy is your best bet, not Chinese blue.

So now do you understand how important color analysis is to choose the right colors?

Your makeup is perfect only when you use the right colors to enhance your own natural colorings – eyes, skin and hair. So choose the right makeup colors with color analysis.

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  1. Ananya says:

    Thanks for these tips ,love ur blog
    I have a question-i have glasses ,do u think I should use a loud eye makeup to make my eyes stand out ?or making my lips beautiful would work?

    • AnksImage says:

      Hey Ananya,
      Thanks for your feedback. And to answer your question, I would like to say don’t use loud eye makeup always because the eye area is much more sensitive than the rest of your face, and regular makeup removal might darken the area. Highlight your eyes on special occasions. Other times, highlight your lips. Email me your picture and I’ll tell you the different ways to look gorgeous.
      Keep visiting my website, and do share it with your friends.
      Take care,


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