color-analysisBusiness wear is an important element of your professional image. You want to be taken seriously at work, so you plan your business wear accordingly. But it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your personal style. With color analysis, you can stick to your personal style while dressing appropriately for work.

Start with color analysis to find the colors that suit you. With slight modifications in your choice of colors for your business wear, you can turn a “blah” outfit to a “wow” one. You can add more versatility in your wardrobe with these colors. And if you have any after-work plans, you can also avoid going through the hassle of going home, changing outfits and leaving home again.

As you already know black is a universal color – everyone feels safe with black. But black might not be your safe color. So I’ve included three combinations below to show you what colors you can use in your business wear based on your natural colorings – eyes, hair and skin.

Combo# 1: [Eyes – Brown, black-brown, dark hazel] [Hair – Brown, black-brown, deep chestnut] [Skin – Ivory, bronze, golden beige]

Your Business Wear Colors – purple, bronze, aubergine (i.e. dark purple like that of eggplant)

Wardrobe Tip – Avoid mixing pure white in your outfits, use white-like hues instead, to create sharp contrasts in your outfits.

Combo# 2: [Eyes – Black, black-brown, dark hazel] [Hair – Black-brown, steel grey, salt & pepper] [Skin – Black, black-brown, olive, dark beige, beige]

Your Business Wear Colors – icy grey, charcoal, teal (i.e. dark greenish-blue)

Wardrobe Tip – You’ll look sensational in high contrast outfits, like pure white and black.

Combo# 3:[Eyes – Green, light hazel, blue] [Hair – Strawberry blonde, light golden brown, coppery red] [Skin – Bronze, ivory, beige, porcelain]

Your Business Wear Colors – navy, olive, coffee brown

Wardrobe Tip – You wear bronze well, so contrast your outfits with bronze accessories.

The above combos may or may not suit you, so go for color analysis right away to find your exact combination and use colors wisely in your business wear. Take advantage of color analysis to display your personal style at work, be fashionable, while still sticking to the dress code at your workplace.

Contact me for a quick color analysis – find your suitable colors and learn how to use colors for your benefit.

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