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Color analysis for women is about finding the right colors that enhances your looks. Color consultants use color swatches to do this. There’s a little bit of science involved in this, but I am not going to get into that right away. Let’s just start with the “why”..

Why Color Analysis for Women?

Clothes, makeup, shoes, accessories – the right colors can take your outfit from drab to fab, even dare. While most women are confident about the colors they wear, there are times when doubts can creep in. Or you may want to experiment. And that’s when color analysis for women is the path to take.

What is Color Analysis for Women?

Ideally, this is the scene during color analysis: You are in a grey room, or a room with a grey background on your back. Your color consultant drapes you in a grey (or a color neutral) cloth just so your head is visible. And then your skin, eye, and hair colors are noted down. This helps in defining your basic color category is defined – warm or cool.

Next, your color season is calculated on the 4-season scale – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. And then if you want, color consultants can dig deeper to find your color category on the 12-season scale:
Warm Spring
Light Spring
Clear Spring
Warm Autumn
Deep Autumn
Soft Autumn
Cool Summer
Light Summer
Soft Summer
Cool Winter
Deep Winter
Clear Winter

If you want more, your color consultant can use other scales to determine your right colors. There are more elaborate scales to consider as well. For this post, let’s consider this 12-season scale.

Most Indians belong in the Warm category, and most times in the 12-season scale, it’s Warm Autumn. Which means colors like rust, khaki, salmon, purple, and other deep and rich colors will suit most of us. So with this analysis, there can be no doubt in your mind as to which colors you should wear. Black need not be used as a fail-safe all the time. By understanding which colors are right for you, you can look younger, slimmer, and more fresh.

Over to you..

Have you ever tried color analysis? We have a wonderful little tutorial that lets you try color analysis by yourself – try it here. And let us know what you think!

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