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Color analysis finds colors to enhance your natural colors – your skin, eye and hair colors. It helps you look more gorgeous. Now let’s discuss the different ways to find your colors using color analysis:

Warm-Cool Colors

If you are new to color analysis, the quickest way to find your colors is using the Warm – Cool color scale. Warm and cool colors are the broad categories of colors. Warm colors have a yellow undertone, e.g. red, orange, etc. And cool colors have a blue undertone, e.g. violet, pinks, etc.

To find if you’re warm or cool, note your true eye, hair and skin colors, especially in this order. By this, I mean:
> no makeup on your skin,
> no colored contact lenses in your eyes, and
> your natural hair color, before you colored your hair, or used any kind of hair treatment on your hair.

So if you have olive skin (also known as beige or tan skin), black hair and brown eyes, you are most likely to be ‘Warm’. As mentioned above, warm colors tend to have a yellow, beige, brown or olive undertones.

Color Seasons

Once you determine if you’re warm or cool, it gets quite easy to understand which colors suit you. But if you need to be more specific, you can also find colors according to color seasons. Hence the name seasonal color analysis or color seasons analysis.

Here colors fall in 4 color seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

E.g. if you have olive skin, black hair and brown eyes, you most likely belong to the Winter color season. You can choose colors like green, black, red, etc. in your clothes, accessories and makeup. And silver jewelry will suit you the best.

Now you can understand which colors to pick in your clothes and accessories. Even jewelry.


For most Indians, we tend to belong to the Autumn color season. Deep Autumn, to be more precise. So here are the colors you can use to look your best:
deep autumn color season anksimage

Over to you..

What do you think of Color Analysis? Have you tried it yet? We would love to hear from you.

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