Post Updated: 25th October 2017

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Color analysis can help you evolve as a person as well. Here are the 3 amazing reasons to hire a color consultant and get started on living a more fulfilling life:

1. Enhance Your Appearance.

When you wear the right colors, your skin glows, your eyes look more alive and your hair looks more gorgeous. With the wrong colors:
> skin imperfections like lines, dark spots, etc. are highlighted,
> eyes look dull and don’t even get me started on what wrong colors can do to your hair!

A Color Consultant can help you find colors to enhance your appearance. Buy clothes and accessories with more ease by knowing the right hue and color combos that looks good on you.

Plus experiment with new colors in make up as well.

2. Communicate More Effectively.

You communicate first with your face, so the first thing people should notice about you is your face. But the wrong outfit, shoes, or body language can distract others from focusing on you. A Color Consultant helps you choose the right colored outfit to enable others to see your face first. Thus helping you communicate better with others.

3. Reveal Your Personality Better.

We all use colors to not only show our personal styles, but also our personalities. You must have seen this yourself.

I mean, think about someone you know, who is shy. What kind of colors does this person prefer? Soft, muted shades, isn’t it?

And have you noticed how a more sociable person is likely to wear bright bold colors, not muted shades?

Now be honest. How many times have you thought your shy friend had a washed-out look? Or your outgoing friend had a bold look a tad too bright? Of course you don’t want to point out these things to your friends. But you don’t want someone else to think about you in this way, do you?

Take advantage of a color consultant to reveal your personality. There’s no guesswork or doubts once your color consultant confirms your colors.

Over to you..

What do you think? Have you tried color analysis yet? Here’s a short DIY Color Analysis tutorial you can use to get started in color analysis. And if you are still game for it, then hire a color consultant.

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