handwriting analysisSometimes, a person’s handwriting is so tiny, you have to strain your eyes to read it. This, among other instances of handwriting, might be considered “odd”. And in handwriting analysis, we love these oddball characteristics. These help us establish a personality profile more quickly for you, thus helping you deal with the person better. Won’t it be great if you knew what your boss (or partner) is feeling, to make the most of the situation?
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handwriting analysisLet’s start handwriting analysis with something simple, like what your signature reveals about you. Even without going in for a complete handwriting analysis, you can understand a lot about a person just from the person’s signature.

In handwriting analysis, your signature represents your image to the world – what you think of yourself in public, what you want others to think of you, and most importantly, what you think others think of you. Your signature is your public identity on a page. Read more