handwriting analysisWhen you get your handwriting analyzed by a professional handwriting expert, you can get more insight into your own personality, revealing deep personality traits within your character. Knowing and understanding these traits can help you improve your personality, if needed.

When you get handwriting of your friends and/or family analyzed by a professional handwriting expert, you gain more understanding of the person whose handwriting has been analyzed. Having such an insight into the personality of the other person, you can easily avoid personality clashes, and enjoy happier personal relationships.

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handwriting analysisUsing Handwriting Analysis for recruiting new employees is becoming more popular every day. You can use handwriting analysis to get a complete personality report about your candidates before or after a face-to-face interview. This report can help you shortlist candidates before an interview, or help you compare what you experienced during the interview against the personality report of the candidate to decide if the candidate is a good fit for your organization.

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handwriting analysisInterviews can be deceiving at times. When you’re interviewing someone, the person can sound promising and just right for your organization. But you can never be sure if the person you met in the interview will be the same kind of person while working for you. You might be impressed, but what if all that promise and positive attitude was just a facade? You can be more confident with your choice if you incorporate handwriting analysis for recruiting new employees. Read more

handwriting analysisYour signature is your mark on the world. It represents who you are. To be successful, you should represent your best in your signature. Through handwriting analysis, you can understand what your current signature is telling the world who you are. If you’re unsatisfied with these findings, I can even show you how to represent yourself more correctly to the world. Read more

handwriting analysisHave you ever wondered about the doodles on the walls, tables, billboards, roadsides, etc.? Yeah, most of them are “x loves y”, “vote for abc”, or even “i hate xyz”. But these doodles are more than writing, or scribbling on the walls. Sometimes I even catch myself doodling on paper, which led to investigate more about doodles. It’s part of handwriting, isn’t it? So don’t you want to check out what your doodles mean? Read more

handwriting analysisBefore I start discussing what writing above the line means, I’d like to remind you that whatever it means is just one clue to that person whose handwriting you’re looking at. It’s not the complete profile of that person. Just like in life, every characteristic is influenced by every other characteristic in handwriting. So, it’s wrong to draw conclusions about a person based on this single characteristic.

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