Last Updated: 27h March 2020

anksimage look fat in sarees

We curvy girls can’t help but look fat at the most inopportune moments, whether we are tipping the scales in the wrong direction, or not. Being voluptuous doesn’t necessarily mean you are fat. Most people say sarees suit curvy girls a lot. But there are still some pitfalls. So here’s checklist on how to look fat in sarees. Read it to avoid these mistakes.
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Last Updated: 30th March 2020

mom fashion anksimage

I’m a modern mom and while the yoga pants in my closet beckon me seductively every second of the day, I stay firm and juggle my kid, husband, household and work with these modern mom’s fashion – do’s and don’ts.
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Last Updated: 31st March 2020

rock your office wear anksimage

The golden rule of office wear is being conservative, or to be more clear – moderate. Your outfit shouldn’t make you pop out in a crowd (your work should!), yet you shouldn’t fade away among your colleagues. So what to do?
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Last Updated: 27th March 2020

ways to look fat anksimage

Over the years, I’ve compiled the different types of mistakes people (and sometimes I myself) make while dressing for any occasion, and end up looking really fat. In order to stop you from making these mistakes, read these top 20 ways to look fat and STOP using them, if you are doing so right now.
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style anksimageA person’s looks can make or break her image. You might be forgiven if you’re wearing your jammies at home. But your image will suffer if you show up at your office in your pyjamas, right? Read more

Last Updated: 28th March 2020
what not to do at sales anksimage

Sales are precious. The prospect of buying a high-priced product at a fraction of its original price attracts you so much that you’re more likely to stop thinking and simply splurge on the sale goodies. So I’ve come up with 2 simple things NOT to do at sales, whether the sale is at Gucci, or Mango, or your neighbourhood departmental store.
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