Roadmap: How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand
Image Credit: AGD on Canva

Some time back, I submitted a 2-year digital marketing roadmap to a client, so I can share the things I did for that project to get you started in creating a digital marketing strategy for your brand.

A little background on my client

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There are millions of tools – free, free to try and paid – anyone can use for web design. I would like to share the ones I have used till date. Here are the the 5 web design tools you should be using for awesome web design work..
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google tools for women entrepreneurs anksimage

If you are one of the upcoming women entrepreneurs of the world, here are the tools from Google you need to make your professional life less chaotic. My 5 Google tools for women entrepreneurs are stated below:
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facebook image anksimage

You do everything you can to project the right image – you stand right, dress right, say the right things, and simply because you forget to update the settings in your Facebook profile, you ultimately end up having your Facebook profile affecting image.
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