Body Language – Secrets to Non Verbal Communication

body language
Body language – Secrets to Non-Verbal Communication

Body language holds the secrets to non-verbal communication. Your body language plays a significant role in your success at work. You may say the the right words. But your body posture may suggest otherwise. This way, you risk your success at work.

Below are 3 upper body postures you should avoid at work at all costs.

1. Arms Akimbo


This is a posture screaming negativity. It can indicate your dominant nature, or communicate there are issues with the other person(s).

Keeping your arms akimbo to intimidate your kid(s) when they’re being naughty is fine, it’s your call. But don’t try this at work – adopting this body language to intimidate others to get your work done is just plain wrong.

2. Arms Behind Back

body language arms behind back

This posture keeps people at bay. Basically you’re telling others not to draw near you. It shows your anxiety, or vulnerability.

However, this posture also means paying attention, especially if you’re in security, law-enforcement, etc. It’s a good pose to indicate you are giving the other person your undivided attention. If you’re not in the forces, you can show your undivided attention by slightly leaning towards the other person, without putting your arms behind you.

3. Arms Crossed

body language arms crossed

This posture indicates anxiety. You’re either crossed about something, or at someone, possibly the other person(s) with you. You’re closing off yourself from the others, indicating a lack of trust in others, or even yourself

Now, over to you..

As you can see above, these simple body postures can ruin your professional image.

Your body’s postures can involuntarily project the wrong impression. People might see a different you. And not necessarily the person you want to seen as at your workplace.

Be aware of what you’re communicating to those around you.

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  1. This is an eye-opener.. One doesn’t really pay attention to such details but I now understand how this can help me. Thanks!

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