Body Language Mistakes for Females

business-groomingFor all you ladies out there, here’s a list of body language mistakes you need to avoid, especially if you want to be taken seriously at work, or even otherwise:

Body Language Mistake #1: Acting girlish.

Girlish behavior consists of, and are not limited to, twirling your hair, playing with jewelry, biting your nail, fidgeting with your clothes, hugging your own body, etc. I understand you can do all this almost involuntarily, but try to keep a check on it, especially if you’re at an authoritative position in your office. Doing this can decrease the sense of power and authority others usually associate with you.

Body Language Mistake #2: Nodding too much.

Stick to the rule of nodding once every 3 sentences completed by the person you’re interacting with. Nods express you’re paying attention, it encourages the other person to continue speaking. But too much nods just doesn’t speak authority and power for you. It feels like you’re being too eager to please the other person – you’re not the boss. So claim your authority and power by limiting your nods.

Body Language Mistake #3: Learn to interrupt.

When you’re the boss, or an important member of your organization, don’t wait your turn to be allowed to speak. When you’ve got something to say, just say it, or else others will just run you over. Speak out to say your piece to maintain your authority and power, especially in meetings, negotiations, etc.

Body Language Mistake #4: Don’t be too expressive.

To increase the sense of authority and power people usually associate with you at your workplace, try to put a rein on your movements. By this I mean you need to express your emotions at work. This means no mood swings, bouts of nervousness, etc. To look powerful, put on a calm and contained front.

Keeping your body language in check can be difficult. I understand. So contact us now to understand how you can express more authority and power at your workplace, without intimidating others around you.

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