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When you’re in your 30s, you have learnt many a lessons so far. One such lesson learnt – you need to take care of your skin, especially now. So here are my tips on the best skin care routine for your 30s to look fresh always:

Your 20s Skin Care Routine

In case you haven’t read my post – Best Skin Care Routine For Your 20s – read it now and structure your skin care regimen. To make it more suitable for your age, read on.

Eye Cream

This is a part of the skin care routine for your 20s. However, in your 30s, amp up the eye cream. Aim for hydration. The more you keep your skin hydrated, the less occurrences of signs of aging like lines, etc.

Sun Protection

In my earlier post on skin care regimen for 20s, I included sun protection, using products of SPF 15 and above. As you grow older, try products of SPF 20 at least. And if you’re prone to stay outdoors, even SPF 50 for your face AND body.

Exfoliation Is Key

Now taking off makeup every night is not enough. You need a good foaming cleaner in the mornings and a gentle microdermabrasion cleanser at night. Exfoliate those dead cells away from your face. And pick up a good body scrub to exfoliate your body at least once a week.

Mend Those Dark Spots

There are some good spot correction serums you can use, without visiting a doctor. Some moisturisers boast having dark spot correction serum included in their concoction. Read the label and use the serum sparingly on those stubborn spots you have earned in your life so far.

I recommend Clinique products – check out their collection!

Say Hi! to the Dermatologist

Now’s the time to get friendly with a good renowned dermatologist in your area. You would want to check in with her every year or so to let her check out those weird spots on your skin, mend those dark spots which over-the-counter correctors couldn’t budge, try out a laser hair removal session, or just because you want to get rid of your dark circles once and for all. Just go and get her opinion. Get a peel too, if you believe you need one!

In Conclusion

The best skin care routine for your 30s involves concentrated effort to reverse the signs of damage you may have procured in your 20s, and of course, defy aging. While you may have experimented with loads of products on your skin earlier, now is the time you know (should know) which products work best for what purpose. Trust your instincts and look fresh always.


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