How To Be Awesome At Business Meetings

Last Updated: 1st April 2020

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Business meetings can be a daunting affair. Many times you can’t just “wing it”. Especially when there are senior management staff present. Whether conducting or simply attending one, here are a few tips to be awesome at business meetings.

Create a Checklist

Whenever you have an important meeting coming up, make a list of the things you need, topics to include, support you might need, tools you would use and most importantly, list the goals you are attempting to achieve from the meeting. Then start working and crossing off each item from your list(s).

If it’s a team meeting, make a list of stuff you are responsible for to work with. Be willing to help others with their responsibilities too.

Do your Research

You’ve already been working at your list(s). I know that. This “research” relates more to leaving a good impression on the attendees. So try this – take a look at the people who are attending the meeting. Keeping in mind the overall purpose of the meeting, research what you can do to positively influence these attendees.

For example, some people love to hear anecdotes while others can be stiffly professional. Which group do your attendees belong to? If you can find out beforehand, you can prepare your piece to earn some serious brownie points.

Practice, Practice.. And Practice some more

Practicing what you have to say, and doing a mock-up to get better control on the flow of the meeting can only build up your confidence. This extra confidence can definitely help you through the course of the real meeting. Practice alone or someone else, your choice.

And don’t forget to list out possible questions AND answers throughout your practice runs.

In case you’re an Attendee..

When you are the one attending business meetings conducted by others, you don’t have to prepare so much. But do keep in mind to:

  • Know what meeting you are attending – check out the meeting agenda if you have access to it.
  • Find who else is attending.
  • Not fall asleep during the meeting (Remember how Chandler fell asleep during an important business meeting and he ended up moving to Tulsa, OK? You don’t want something similar happening, right?!)

Over to you..

Business meetings are opportunities to show what a great professional you are. Take these opportunities to prepare well in advance and impress your boss. When you are putting in this much effort, you are bound to be awesome at business meetings. Knock those socks off!

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