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Work from home tips are found in abundance these days. So I thought I will throw in my two cents here as well. I have been working from home as a freelancer since 2008. More than 12 years now. So working from home during this global lockdown to fight the COVID-19 epidemic shouldn’t be too […]

Starting a website needs a well-thought-out website design process. It’s more than stringing some slick visuals together. I have been designing websites for more than 15 years now to support my work as a digital marketer. And I’ve managed to work out a pretty effective website design process checklist to start any website.

Some time back, I submitted a 2-year digital marketing roadmap to a client, so I can share the things I did for that project to get you started in creating a digital marketing strategy for your brand. A little background on my client They are a global publishing house and

Working from home has a lot of perks but quite a list of cons too. So to tackle some of those cons, I joined the Buffer community on Slack to make friends, build my leadership skills, and develop my community building strategies.