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Last Updated: 30th March 2020 Twitter is a great tool you can use for your business. Though there are many features, let me show you how to use Twitter for business, if you are just getting started, or trying to figure how Twitter can help you.

Last Updated: 30th March 2020 Check out these affordable and practical and super easy makeover tips you can try at home. Add these to your normal routine and feel better with flawless skin and gorgeous hair. Give yourself a makeover to live it up.

Last Updated: 30th March 2020 It’s often said that looking at something pleasant can de-stress you, like a picture of a cat hanging from a tree. And talking of pleasant visuals, what’s better than Pinterest? Here are my ways to de-stress on Pinterest.

Last Updated: 30th March 2020 I’m a modern mom and while the yoga pants in my closet beckon me seductively every second of the day, I stay firm and juggle my kid, husband, household and work with these modern mom’s fashion – do’s and don’ts.

Last Updated: 30th March 2020 When you want to lose weight, you need to do 2 things – plan diet and work out as per your body needs. While both may seem like daunting tasks, all you really need is to pay attention to your own body.

Last Updated: 30th March 2020 Pamper yourself when you’re feeling out-of-sorts, or just because. Once I had my daughter, I finally understood the value of “me-time”. So here are my 11 activities to pamper yourself. Choose a time when your baby is out or your hubby is kind (and brave) enough to offer you “me-time”. […]

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