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It’s often said that looking at something pleasant can de-stress you, like a picture of a cat hanging from a tree. And talking of pleasant visuals, what’s better than Pinterest? Here are my ways to de-stress on Pinterest.

Most moms I know are more interested in working from home, rather than going back to work. It gives them more opportunities to enjoy their kids, choose their work hours, and control their financial situation. Here’s my take on how to start your own business..

Stress is a part of life. However, too much stress for too long is bad for us. While stress is useful in turning in your project on time, too much stress can harm your system. Here are my 4 ways to beat stress.

Here are the 11 activities to pamper yourself when you’re feeling out-of-sorts, or just because. Choose a time when your baby is out or your hubby is kind (and brave) enough to offer you “me-time”. Enjoy!

Armed with a degree in computer engineering, and thousands of hours experience in image consulting, here’s how I started and why AnksImage should be your online destination to live the life you want.

Shopping online is not a scary affair anymore in India. Usually you receive what you ordered, even from categories like beauty, fashion, and so on. Here are my top 5 websites to shop for fashion in India..