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It’s exciting to work on new ideas, new opportunities. Technology is ever-evolving and what wasn’t possible a few years back is possible now. Think Netflix. I’ve also noticed a steady rise in the number of small or micro businesses. Women entrepreneurs are stepping out of their comfort zones to venture into the business world with […]

Here is my 6-minute SEO guide to help you tweak and upgrade your site within minutes. But remember, SEO – search engine optimisation – is an ongoing process. There are many ways to enhance your website for the search engines and this 6-minute SEO guide is just the beginning.

Writing great content is fun. Sometimes it’s difficult to get your brain juices brewing. Where should you start? How to even start? And sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the speed at which the words rush in. Should you focus on certain aspects of a topic? Or should you talk about it all? Here’s […]

I use Quora a lot. You can find me on Quora almost every night. And one of the questions I’m asked time and time again is: What to Choose between Mobile Apps vs Websites? And I don’t have a straight answer for that.