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success in business

When you’re working, it doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed, or working for a huge organization. The only thing that matters is your success in business. You can’t buy success, or wait around for someone else to plunk it down on you. And of course, no amount of flattery can lead you up the ladder of […]

website for small business

Are you one of those business owners who think a website is a pure waste of your money and time? Do you scorn at the idea that a website can boost your business so you never really got into how to build a website for your small business? As a business owner, you (and your […]

The practice of sending emails to your prospects and customers about your company news, product updates, upcoming event notifications, etc. is called Email Marketing. Emails provide a direct connection to your audience (prospects + customers). So if you can build good relationships with your contacts via emailing, you can use this digital marketing strategy to […]

Digital marketing is the sum total of your efforts on the Internet to promote your brand. Your brand can be related to products or services. And to make sure you are reaching the right customer on time, you can utilise digital marketing strategies.