ankitaa gohain dalmia

Hi, I’m Ankitaa! I’m a Solo Entrepreneur, driving AnksImage (anks shortened from my name, like the way friends used to call me back in USA, and image referring to custom solutions I provide to my clients) successfully since 2008.

My work is completely remote. I can work anywhere I want, when I want, which is why I enjoy working so much.

But when I’m not online, I’m watching movies, or tinkering around with my daughter.

I primarily create and implement custom Digital Marketing solutions for brands worldwide. I work with brands to deliver high-quality online customer experiences, and increase profitability.

As a solo entrepreneur who’s had more than her share of (planned and unplanned!) sabbaticals from work, I offer my ReBoot Camp to women who want to return to work after a break.

And based on client demand, I now also offer Digital Marketing Training to individuals and teams who want to dive deeper into digital marketing strategies. My training programs are particularly useful to brands and businesses who want to train their own team members to handle digital marketing work on their work, and avoid outsourcing costs.

Check my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed work history.