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Ankitaa Gohain Dalmia

Digital Marketing Strategist, Writer and Trainer

My Areas of Expertise:

Web Design

Content Writing



Social Marketing


About AnksImage

I launched AnksImage back in 2008. Anks shortened from my name, and Image is for the custom solutions I provide to my clients.

My work is completely remote. I work from home with companies all across the world. I’m usually consulting on new digital marketing projects, crafting new content, training new people, or coaching women entrepreneurs.

When I’m not online, I’m watching movies, reading, tinkering around with my daughter, playing with my puppy, or working on my pet projects. I’m working on a mobile app these days, and will be launching it soon in 2021. 

My Work

I design custom Digital Marketing solutions for brands worldwide.

My work is mostly website design and development in WordPress, content writing, content development, and search engine optimisation. Sometimes with a little bit of social media marketing thrown into the mix. And I have been freelancing in India for more than 10 years.

I work with small businesses and startups to optimise their online visibility and brand awareness.

As a solo entrepreneur, I have had more than my share of (planned and unplanned!) sabbaticals from work. I didn’t have anyone guiding me back to work. So I offer the ReBoot Camp to women who want to return to work after a break.

AnksImage also offers Digital Marketing Training to individuals and teams who want to dive deeper into digital marketing strategies. My training programs are ideal for brands and businesses who want to train their own staff members. This helps in avoiding outsourcing costs.

Check my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed work history.