8 Things Not To Do At The Gym

Last Updated: 31st March 2020

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Gym is a place where you exercise. It’s not a club, or your home. You have to be courteous, clean and precise, even when you’re working out with your pal(s). Here are my 8 things not to do at the gym..

This is all about gym etiquette, nothing to do with weight loss. So here are my list of things not to do at the gym:

Dress bad

Dress according to your size to avoid overhanging or jiggling flab anywhere on your frame. Wear light clothes that won’t overheat you. Wear good supportive shoes.

If you’re in a good shape, don’t flaunt it by wearing itsy-bitsy clothes.

Sweat All Over

Sweat is good when you want to lose weight. Keep a towel handy to wipe off equipment BEFORE and AFTER you use it.

Keep a backup towel in your gym bag for those days when one towel might not be enough.

Invade Others’ Personal Space

Don’t exercise in a crowded area. Otherwise, you’re bound to encroach on someone’s private space, or touch some sweaty limbs (eww!)

If someone is standing too near you, walk away. If it happens again, tell the person to stay away.

Advice Others

You’re a regular at the gym. You must have lost oodles of weight by working those equipment at the gym. Or maybe you’re just a fit and healthy person. No matter what, don’t offer advice, unless asked.

People are very self-conscious at the gym, and your good intentions will only face severe criticism or anger. It’s very tempting to offer diet advice, correct a wrong posture and so on, but remember, this is one of the most important things NOT to do at the gym. Just focus on yourself.

Talk on Your Phone

Unlike you, others on the floor are not really interested to listen to your conversations with your boss, partner, pal or grocery-delivery-guy. If you have any important call, walk away. Don’t disturb others.

Sing Along to your Music

If you’re listening to music while exercising, remember not to croon out loud with Katy Perry about how much you liked kissing that girl! Enjoy the music in your head and work those muscles. Others shouldn’t know if you’re rocking Eminem or Adele.

Take Photos

Why do you need to take photos of yourself at the gym?

You are sweaty and exhausted after a fulfilling workout, so why care about photos?

Over to you..

Gym is a sacred ground for many of us. We go there to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. We do not go there to get irritated or annoyed. So pay attention to the above to have a productive hour or two at the gym, while ensuring others are being just as productive as you.

Think of these don’ts at a short guide to gym etiquette.

Is there anything that I missed?

Let me know in the comments below.


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