Whether you are shopping on a budget or following the fashion trends, it never hurts to arm yourself with some money saving tips. So Anks Image has compiled the following shopping tips guaranteed to help you dress smarter while saving money.

1. Invest in good fitting undergarments.

Wearing too tight or too loose undergarments can destroy your entire look, no matter how expensive your other clothes are over your undergarments. A good fitting undergarment is made of good comfortable fabric and will not show any bulges in your body. Always go for trial fitting in the store before you buy any item. And ladies, get a fitting done at least once a year to know what your right size is.

2. Don’t follow fashion trends blindly.

Be aware of fashion but don’t let fashion trends enslave you just because your favorite fashion magazine is telling you so. To dress smarter, decide what suits you, or contact Anks Image for our expert advice. Wear what matches your own sense of style and personality, and of course, fits your lifestyle.

3. Check buttons and seams.

A good quality garment should have good quality buttons and properly sewn seams. This makes the garment more durable and pleasing to the eye. Worn out buttons and/or frayed seams can make a good piece of garment look old and outdated. When you are shopping on a budget, it is wise to invest in a good quality garment. Even if you pay more this one time, you are likely to get at least 7-8 years out of that item. So definitely check the buttons and seams.

Quick money saving tip – replace the buttons on your garment with new ones to get another couple of years out of that garment

4. Avoid buying too much at sales.

Sales are irresistible. I know. Buying loads at any sales could be the world’s best money saving tip, but think about this – sales are basically those items either from the previous season(s) or the current season which no one wanted to buy. Most of the time, you can’t even find your size in those huge piles of sale items. And waiting at the end of those serpentine queues outside the fitting rooms is something we could easily avoid. And finally, there’s not even any guarantee that whatever you buy is actually currently in season. So just avoid the whole fuss.

5. Get your clothes fitted properly.

These days most clothing stores offer on-site alterations at no extra charge. Or you can find a great tailor of your choice to fit your clothes properly. It will be a couple of bucks extra but when your clothes fit you well, it’s worth the cost because well-fitted clothes last you longer and help you dress smarter.

6. Invest in classical items.

For those shopping on a budget to dress smarter, invest in classical items – white shirt, little black dress, format jacket, cocktail sari, etc. for women and silk shirt, formal suit, formal jacket, etc. for men – which fit your personality and lifestyle. You might have to pay more for each item at a time but when you buy high-end garments, it’s more than likely you will get 8-10 years out of a good quality garment. Use new ideas to re-invent your looks with these classical pieces.

Finally, when you think of buying a garment, check out the care instructions for that garment. It’s possible you might end up paying more in the maintenance of the garment as compared to what you paid for the garment and the value you will get from using the garment.

The above are some of the popular shopping tips we employ at Anks Image. Take advantage of our experience in shopping – send in your emails to, or use our Contact Form.

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