4 Ways To Boost Confidence

Last Updated: 6th April 2020

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Confidence is quite tricky to fake. Read on to find ways to boost confidence, or you can just fake it. The best way to demonstrate confidence, even if you are not really feeling so, is by smiling. When you smile, you get rid of your gloomy (“frowny”) face and that’s usually enough to fake the confidence you so desperately need in times of need.

Here are 4 more ways to boost your confidence, or maybe fake it just a little bit to get you through different situations in your life.

Take Care Of Your Appearance

The way you dress makes or breaks your image at first glance. Some people can judge you simply by the way you dress, or even by the shoes you wear!

So to maintain your confidence, or fake your confidence, you can put a little bit more thought into the way you dress and present yourself in front of others. This is essential because by looking presentable, you appear more appealing to others, thus giving you a positive image, and that’s what builds your confidence all the way through.

Know What You Are Talking About

Ever notice how some people have something to say about everything under the sun, and sometimes even beyond? These are talkers. You don’t have to be one. But you do have to keep in mind that for a good positive image, you do have to make conversation with another human being.

I’m not saying talking will boost your confidence. But at least listening in to conversations, understanding what others are talking about (not gossiping, mind you!) and what’s basically happening in the world around you can put thoughts in your mind and the next time you have to have a conversation with someone, you will have something to talk about.

Hence, talking or just actively listening to the people around you can give you the confidence to know what you are talking about and improve your personal image.

Understand And Accept Your Abilities

So what if you are not SIZE ZERO? You don’t need to be Size Zero to have a positive image. Understand your abilities. Maybe you can talk well. Maybe you are really good at what you do. Or maybe you can make others around you feel very welcome and comfortable whenever they are around you.

You need to understand and ACCEPT who you are. And that will give you the confidence you need, only after your acceptance.

Find Out And Deal With Your Issue(s)

So you are a Size Zero, yet you don’t feel confidence enough? Then find out what’s stopping you from feeling confident. Is it the people around you? Is it something from work? What is it that’s troubling you?

Find out and DEAL with it. You can ask for advice among your friends and family. You can seek professional help from image consultants, even doctors. When you deal with your issues, and you know there is something being done about the issues you face, you will automatically gain the confidence you lack.


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