weight lossLosing weight is a daunting task. It can get quite frustrating when every weight loss plan you try turns out to be a failure. While I can’t show everyone what they might be doing wrong, this post lists the 3 tips you should use to lose weight when everything else fails.

Tip #1 – Set realistic goals.

Setting goals helps you quantify your progress. But you have to keep in mind to set realistic goals. I mean, you can’t expect to lose fat just overnight. It’ll take time.

For instance, if you’re at beginners level, you’ll want to set a goal like losing 2 lbs per month. Yes, it doesn’t sound much but it’s better to start with short term goals like these. It’ll encourage you to move on, and not give up if you feel frustrated.

As you go along, you can revise these goals according to your progress.

Tip #2 – Plan wisely.

Weight loss is a result of eating right and doing the right kind of workouts to train your body to lose fat. You can’t expect your diet to work if you’re not pushing your body physically, and vice versa.

For instance, you can do cardio twice a day 6 days a week but if you’re skipping breakfast, or gorging on snacks in between meals, your weight loss plan won’t work.

Tip #3 – Stick to the Plan.

You can’t expect to see results overnight. So train yourself to be patient.

Stuff your measuring tape and weigh scale somewhere, and use them only once a month when you have to record your status. Compare your achievements against your goals, and revise your weight loss plan, if required.

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