style anksimageA person’s looks can make or break her image. You might be forgiven if you’re wearing your jammies at home. But your image will suffer if you show up at your office in your pyjamas, right? So how should you dress? According to etiquette, your mood, or maybe laundry day at home?

I say you can get away wearing anything as long as you follow these 3 essentials to look fabulous anytime anywhere:

Clothes Of The Right Fit

No matter where you’re dressing up (or down) for, you need to make sure your clothes fit right. There shouldn’t be any unsightly bulges, or panty-lines showing. And your lingerie should be well hidden under your clothes, no matter what size you’re wearing.

The Right Colors In Your Outfit

Now if you’re in the mood for dressing down, I’ve got your best colors for that too. You may not care how you look when you’re dressing down, but using the right colors will lift your spirits, while giving you a complete appealing look. So try color analysis to find the right colors in your outfits.

Shining Confidence

No matter how you dress, which colors you use, if you haven’t got the confidence to pull off your look, your outfit will fail. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up or down, you need a good measure of self confidence to pull off any look you want.

So how can you improve your self confidence?

Do keep in mind, I’m talking about your self confidence towards the outfit you wear on different occasions. Bottomline is you have to look confident with what you’re wearing to look fabulous anytime anywhere. And the best way to do so is by understanding your personal style.

What is your priority – looks, comfort, fashion, etc.? Find your personal style based on your priority and personality. Then what to wear becomes more clear to you.

For instance, if you’re looking for comfort, a pair of delectable six-inch Manola Blahnik pumps will undermine your entire look because you’ll be uncomfortable (and most possibly in physical pain!) with your look. Hence, your look completely destroyed.

So define your personal style to gain more confidence with what you wear, and you can look fabulous anytime anywhere.

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