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You are struggling with your weight. You don’t know what to wear without looking fat. With proper diet and exercise, and a lot of patience, you will win over those weight worries.

But do you need a reprieve from all these weight worries?

Well, here’s one – everyone has weight issues. Everyone wants to look thinner. Everyone is trying to find out how to look slimmer. No matter what size, every man and woman wants to look slim.

And there’s some better news – Anks Image has compiled the 10 best tips to look slim for men and women.

Before we begin, there’s one important action you have to take –

Embrace your size!

Accept the size you are in RIGHT NOW, not the size you were or the size you will be.

When you accept what size you are, you will overcome the inner turmoil of weight worries and its toll on your mentality. Your social confidence will increase, and your attitude will change, enabling people to notice your personality, not your size.

Plus you save a lot of money by buying clothes you actually wear, not keep stuffed inside the wardrobe hoping to wear some day.

Now, let’s continue on how to look slimmer:

1. Wear well-fitting undergarments – The undergarment you wear should be of a good quality fabric (should not scratch your skin or cause any itch) and fit you without showing any bulges on your body. You can also try shapewear undergarments available for both men and women. Such undergarments provide more support to the body while maintaining a slimmer silhouette.

2. Avoid shiny fabrics – Shiny fabrics look larger than they are, while matte fabrics absorb light and appear flatter and smaller. If you want to wear something shiny, restrict the bling to a minimum, preferably on accessories.

3. Avoid chunky knits – Chunky knits are large garments, so they make you look too full. If you do have to wear one, use a broad belt to accentuate your waist and look slimmer instantly.

4. Wear clothes with straight lines – Clothes with a straight line are more efficient in camouflaging your flaws. Round or curved lines will highlight your roundness.

5. Wear darker colors – Black is a good color to look slimmer instantly. If you are bottom-heavy, wear darker colors in the lower half of your body. Wearing lighter colors in the top will take away the attention from your problem areas in the lower half, and make you look thinner.

6. Wear v-necks – If you are top-heavy, wearing v-neck or boat-shaped necklines will take attention away from a full chest.

7. Open your jacket/coat – If you are top-heavy, open your jacket/coat to take attention away from a full chest and/or tummy and make you look thinner. Just don’t freeze yourself.

8. Avoid round shapes in accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, etc. Go for elongated and asymmetric shapes, which make your face look slim and long.

9. Mind your tummy. Don’t attract attention to your midriff by tucking your top inside your bottoms or wearing a short top exposing your midriff.

10. Avoid thick or thin heels (stilettos) – wear medium heels to look slimmer instantly. Medium heels will make your ankles and legs appear long and slim.

And finally, whatever you wear, stand tall and move with a purpose.

Be confident in your own skin.

We’ll be happy to help you with more of our tips and techniques on looking fabulous always.

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