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Your website should be doing more for your business.

We can show you new ways to win in the digital world using different Internet marketing strategies.

Our mission is to connect you to the right audience, which will help you succeed more online.


Post the pandemic, the demand for online marketers has increased.

We work with corporate teams and individuals who are new to online marketing. You can also try out our training modules if you are looking to skill up in different online marketing techniques and strategies.


AnksImage is the passion of a work-from-home entrepreneur. Ankitaa founded this company back in 2008 with content writing and website development services.

Now AnksImage has evolved into a one-stop solution provider for all your digital marketing needs.

Our Clients Us

"Ankitaa has helped me reach my audience online, and keep the audience engaged in a positive manner. She is thorough, organised, punctual, and extremely talented in what she does."
Suren Kolkankar
Founder - CEO, SK Consultancy
"Ankitaa is concise, articulate and easy to understand. She is an important part of our digital marketing and communication strategy. We are proud to have her on board."
David Gibbons
Director of International Communication at Comexposium RT
"Ankitaa has been my Go-To marketing person for the last 3years. I recommend her to everyone who needs to create a brand worth reckoning with."
Pritha Dubey
Founder - Success Vitamin
"Thanks a bunch for putting your heart into working on my website. Reviews so far are fab! People are loving the new site - design, colors, everything!"
Payal Gandhi Hoon
Founder - CEO, TamaraiLife
"Ankitaa does a fabulous job! Very creative and professional at work!"
Pratibha R
Founder - CEO, Ornate Consulting
Ankitaa is a great writer. Her attention to detail work is commendable."
Harveen Kapoor
Co-Founder - Khushii NGO


If you are ready to get started, you can send your website link to Ankitaa. She will audit your brand, and set up a call with you to discuss her findings. We can give you the roadmap to follow to get started. Or you can hire Ankitaa to work on your brand.

No, it’s not expensive. That’s a common misconception. When done right, we can actually help you cut costs. There are so many internet marketing strategies out there but if you start trying them all, that too without any plan or strategy, you will lose money, time, and effort. So we pick and design the best strategies that your brand and business can benefit from, and that helps you find more success in the long run.

New brands have the luxury of avoiding mistakes by looking and learning from their competition. You can get on a call with Ankitaa to get started. She will find your competitors, and build your strategy to find success online.

Ankitaa is a Computer Engineer, who started her career in Data Warehousing and Marketing. After leaving her corporate job at Fisher-Price (New York), she launched AnksImage to follow her passion of writing and web development. She’s been working with brands across the globe for over 12 years now. You can check out our About page and also view her LinkedIn profile to learn more about her work experience.

We offer several training programs in content writing, depending on your level of expertise. When you are ready, you can contact Ankitaa and fill out a short questionnaire. She will start your training schedule according to the level of expertise you demonstrate in the initial questionnaire.

Yes, we do. But only when Ankitaa needs help. Ankitaa prefers to handle all the work in-house, by herself. However, there are times when she needs help in design, writing, or development when the work overloads. So please free to share your resume via our Contact Page so that we can reach out to you when we have any requirement.

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