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logoAnks Image Consulting offers services to enhance your personal image, for you to look more gorgeous, feel more confident and be happier in life. Additionally, we work to upgrade the corporate image of your business as well as those of your employees for better prospects and profitability.

So, what is your personal image?

Your personal image is what other people think of you based on what they see, what they hear about you and what they understand after getting to know you – most likely in that order.

Looking At You

It is human nature to judge someone based on what the person is wearing, how the person is behaving, how the person is talking and what not.

For instance, wearing too many trinkets with your outfit may project you as a flamboyant person. But that might not be the truth – you might be wearing too many trinkets because you are confident you rock that look. What you need is someone skilled to review your tastes and recommend you a wardrobe more appropriate to your age and personality.

Similarly, talking on the phone while watching a movie at the theater may project you as an obnoxious person. But again, it might not be the truth – you had to talk because it was an important call from your boss, your wife, your mother or even your watchman. What will help is some advice on how to gracefully handle such situations so as to avoid any embarrassment.

Hearing About You

Believing in hearsay (what other people gossip about you) is entirely based on the individual’s personality. Some people love to gossip about anything and everything, while others don’t. Your job is to make sure you avoid situations where your name might get embroiled in any gossip.

For instance, when your husband is late for lunch and you call up his office to hurry him up, you might come across as a bossy wife, or your husband might appear henpecked. But obviously none of this is true – all you wanted was to have your husband have his lunch on time. What you need is advice on polishing your communication skills so that you can not be misinterpreted in the future.

Similarly, when you are from an affluent family and hold a good job at a reputable company but don’t really know how to be sociable around people, you might come across as an arrogant person. However, that might not be the case – maybe you are just a shy person. What will help is getting someone to train with you to act like an extrovert while in fact you are an introvert.

Knowing You

You will find it rare that anyone is willing to wait and know you first before making any judgment about you. Your family, your friends and sometimes, your colleagues may know what kind of person you really are. Others will merely assign you some adjectives and move on with their lives. You will be the “prim housewife” or the “nosy co-worker” or even the “hippie”. And these adjectives become your images when people discuss anything that is related to you.

For instance, you are the type of person who doesn’t like to let her hair down except in the company of close friends and family. There’s nothing wrong in that though you might come across as the prim housewife when you stick with formalities with your guests, unlike your husband who’s having a blast. What you need is someone skilled to identify the features of your personality and work with you in situations where you can highlight your better features like coordinating a fabulous party and downplaying your other features like not letting your hair down during the party.

Similarly, when you like experimenting with your looks but lack the right knowledge on what to wear to which occasion, you might come across as a hippie. All you need is the advice of someone skilled to make you avoid such wardrobe mishaps.

Let Anks Image Work For YOU

Anks Image can review your appearance, behavior and communication skills, and suggest potential areas for development. Your Image Consultant will discuss your issues and work with you to bring out the best in you. You will be able to achieve your highest potential in every aspect of life.

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