When Someone Complains About You At Work

etiquette anksimageSomeone has lodged a complaint against you at your workplace and now you’re being investigated – what should you do? Do you wait to possibly get fired, or do you resign? How should you act and react to such a situation?
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Dating Your Co-Worker – What’s The Rule?

business-etiquetteDating is a tricky business. And if you are dating your co-worker, then the whole business becomes more trickier. If not careful, a few hours of great companionship can affect or completely ruin your career.
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7 Things About Etiquette Boss Wants You To Know

business-etiquetteYour Boss has certain expectations from you when she chose (or agreed for) you to be on her team. And the first and foremost expectation is you possessing a good degree of business etiquette. Here are the 7 things about business etiquette Boss wants you to know:
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Business Skills – Soft Skills And It’s Importance In Your Life

business-groomingMr.Kumar was the most experienced IT Analyst in his organization. With a technical Master’s degree, and having graduated from one of the best business schools in the country, he was hired during campus recruitment. However, it wasn’t clear why he never managed to get promoted to the project manager level of his department. Read more

Business Skills – Top 3 Soft Skills For Every Professional

business-groomingSoft skills are your behavioral skills. If you’re not familiar with this term, maybe you’ve heard about ‘interpersonal skills’, or even ‘people skills’. Talking about everything related to soft skills is beyond the scope of this article. So let’s just talk about the top 3 soft skills for every professional.

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What Are Soft Skills? Do You Really Need Soft Skills?

business-groomingYou might have come across a term “soft skills” recently. Either in the news, job applications, or even your company newsletter. The importance of soft skills has been steadily rising since the past few years. Now companies are looking for professionals not only with proficient technical skills and high educational qualifications, soft skills has also become a requirement.

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