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business-etiquetteCompanies try to entice prospects with tactics like free samples/sessions, discounts, money-back guarantees, etc. to increase sales and improve company profits. However, training the company’s salespeople on verbal and written communcation, physical appearance (body language, posture, etc.), presentation of a sales pitch, etc. is equally essential in obtaining those customers.

In this post, the emphasis is on bad verbal communication (in-person and telephone conversations) between the customer and the salesperson, and how to do damage control when such situations arise.

There are several instances when direct or telephone interactions between the salesperson and the customer can result in losing a valuable customer due to bad communication. Some of the biggest turn offs are:

  • the salesperson talking in an abrupt and/or irritated manner
  • the salesperson speaking in a fake voice to sound more pleasing
  • the salesperson offending the customer by trying to make a sales by being too aggressive or annoyingly pleasing
  • the salesperson speaking to you in person but looking elsewhere (the ceiling of the room, at another person, any part of your body except your eyes, etc.)
  • the salesperson being vague about the company’s products/services, and not being able to provide the information the customer wants
  • the salesperson speaking in an incoherent manner, especially over the telephone
  • the salesperson reciting a rather long greeting speech when contacted via telephone, or ending the telephone conversation with a long recital

Ideally speaking, I, as a customer, can still stick to the same salesperson assuming that..

  • maybe the person has had a fight with someone and is still fuming about it
  • maybe the person is desparate to keep the job and will stop at nothing to make a sale
  • maybe the person is in some kind of trouble and can not concentrate on the job
  • maybe the person is new and untrained, and has been bullied by the seniors to take care of you as a customer while they lounge
  • maybe the person stammers or stutters while speaking or doesn’t know the language well to communicate with you properly
  • maybe the person is not well educated to understand your questions
  • maybe the person has not been trained properly
  • maybe the person is just not fit for the job but doesn’t have another one to go to

But in real life, this hardly happens. As a customer, I have numerous options to choose from. Whether I am buying a product or a service, I can go to each and every vendor in the market to discuss my options before making any decision – I don’t have to return to that intolerable salesperson and I still get what I needed in the first place.

So who suffers? You, as a business owner or a company head.

And why? Bad communication between two persons.

So, to improve your business and the company’s reputation, you (the business owner or company head) can employ a Business Etiquette Consultant (preferably from Anks Image) to train your employees (and yourself) on the basic rules of communicating with potential customers. The Consultant can provide an outsider’s point of view on your daily business processes (exclusively related to Business Etiquette) and your employees’ productivity to define the areas of development (for you and your employees) to work upon. With your approval, the Consultant will work step-by-step with you and your employees, as and till required.

An Anks Image Consultant does not judge anyone. Before jumping to any conclusions, an AI Consultant will try to investigate the behavior of each human resource associated with the business. This can be done through observation, sessions and if needed, Handwriting Analysis (also offered by Anks Image). This analysis can help in not only getting rid of the issue of bad communication between a salesperson and a customer, but will also expose any weak areas in the organization which should be taken care of to ensure better future for the company.

Since every business/company is as unique as the human resources associated with it, it is improper to cite any examples in this post for your learning. However, I can share these following tips with you:

  • Train your employees thoroughly about your products/services, esp. the bestsellers and special offers
  • Entice your sales force with heavy discounts and other perks which are available only upon customer recommendation(s)
  • Enforce strict dressing codes for your employees – males and females – and maintain disciplinary actions against those who do not follow
  • Monitor those employees who have direct contact with any customer in the initial weeks – keep an eye on their appearance, body language, posture, speaking tone, language fluency and behavior
  • Calculate the productivity of your sales force every week, month, quarter and year, as applicable – this should give you an idea if anybody should be replaced or not

And when in doubt, contact Anks Image for immediate assistance. Anks Image guarantees you success everytime. I

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