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I’ve always been a champion of using face-wash. The ones which are soap-free like Neutrogena, Lancome, etc. These face-wash products not only cleanse the skin but also refresh me. Hence a staunch supporter!

Well, I was a staunch supporter until a few months ago when a good friend of mine insisted I stop using any face-wash completely. Feeling adventurous at that time, I took up the challenge and so far, I must say I love NOT using any face-wash. I use a cleansing milk instead.

Some of the changes I’ve noticed using a cleansing milk, instead of a face-wash are:

Skin Feels More Supple

Over the years I have used all kinds of face-wash. Budget ones. Really expensive ones. Since it’s unfair to make a comparison of these products at this time, all I can say is using a face-wash always left my skin a little bit taut. Right after each wash, I would make a beeline for the toner to feel “normal” again.

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Comparatively, when I started using the cleansing milk, I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin feeling more supple. No dryness. No tautness. Just supple skin. Of course I use a toner right after, but at least I don’t have to rush for it.

Skin Looks Brighter

Maybe it was the dryness associated with using a face wash, or maybe the products I earlier used were just not good enough. But the cleansing milk I’m using right now is certainly making my skin look brighter.

In fact, I did proper research on this actually. I was using a cream-based face wash, which made my skin go dark due to dehydration issues. One day my skin therapist recommended a foam-based face wash to control my pigmentation. I did see results. And now that I am using a cleansing milk, I can definitely see the progress.

So my recommendation for face wash vs cleansing milk is definitely cleansing milk. It’s not too harsh to dry out your skin, and definitely will make your skin more supple and more brighter than before.

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