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Top 13 Ways To Lose Weight At The Gym Fast

Lose Weight At The Gym Fast anksimageThere are many ways to lose weight at the gym fast. Sure you can lose weight at home too, but truthfully speaking, there are way too many distractions at home. Here are my tried and tested methods for you today.
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Plan Diet to Lose Weight

being fit plan diet anksimageWhen you want to lose weight, you need to do 2 things – plan diet and work out as per your body needs. While both may seem like daunting tasks, all you really need is to pay attention to your own body.
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Should You Count Steps To Lose Weight?

being fit anksimageYet another way of losing weight is by counting the steps you take. The popular notion is taking 10,000 steps a day will make you lose weight safely and put that lose weight well away from you. But is there any truth to that?
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Stretch Your Body – Basic Body Stretch 1

weight lossHey you! It’s been a bad week so far. My baby got sick, then I got sick, and this sickness spell has completely screwed up my daily schedule. But one thing has kept me sane – stretching my body till I can stretch no mo’
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Top 5 Reasons Your Weight Loss Plan Is A Failure

being fit anksimageWeight loss failure is always a possibility. It will take time, let alone all the planning that is required to make your weight loss dreams a reality. When you set up your weight loss plan, you need to make sure everything is in order.
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5 Steps To Lose Weight Safely

So you want to lose 10 kilos within 2 months. That’s not a bad weight loss goal actually. But the point is – will your body allow you to lose 10 kilos? Follow these 5 steps to lose weight safely, and keep it off for good.

Step 1 – Analyze Your Body

First, figure out your lean body weight. This is the weight of your bones and muscles. If you ever go below this weight, your body will suffer a lot of damage.
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